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DataDirect Cloud DataSource API : Getting started with the DataDirect Cloud DataSource API

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Getting started with the DataDirect Cloud DataSource API

To access the API, you must have a valid DataDirect Cloud account.
The DataSource API uses HTTP Basic Authentication to authenticate the user. All requests to the API use HTTPS. User id and password are always transferred encrypted. The DataDirect Cloud user ID and password are encoded in the Authorization header.
The DataDirect Cloud user specified in the Authorization header is the authenticated user.


A data store is a type of database, data repository, or SaaS application that DataDirect Cloud supports connections to.
A DataDirect Cloud data source is created of a particular data store type. For example, DataDirect Cloud supports Oracle database as a data store. A user can create an Oracle_Production and an Oracle_Test data source based on the Oracle data store.

DataSource API operations

The following table list the operations that can be performed and their associated URLs. The remaining sections in this chapter provide the detailed description for these operations.
PUT<datasource id>
DELETE<datasource id>
POST id>/test
POST<datasource id>/map
POST<datasource id>/model
GET<datasource id><members>
POST<datasource id><members>
POST<datasource id>/members

Extensions to the DataSource API

The Schema API is an extension of the DataDirect Cloud DataSource API. The Schema API is used by DataDirect Cloud Administrator to allow users such as the Salesforce Exchange App to get all the information needed for the schema map editor that they will be implementing. This information should provide everything the users need to generate the schemaMap string for the DataSource.