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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Configuring Corticon properties and settings : Using the override file,

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Using the override file,

The override file,, lets you specify properties you want to modify and your preferred value without the mechanics of maintaining a file in a JAR, as well as ensuring that you can revert to the original behavior by just removing, commenting out, or clearing your custom properties file.
For the changes to take effect, restart Corticon Studio and Servers after changing override properties. The complete set of properties are described in detail in the following topics including the default value that is set.
Note: Property settings you list in your replace corresponding properties that have default settings. They do not append to an existing list. For example, if you want to add a new DateTime mask to the built-in list, be sure to include all the masks you intend to use, not just the new one. If your file contains only the new mask, then it will be the only mask Corticon uses.