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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Building the Vocabulary : Custom Data Types : Enumerations : Using Custom Data Types : Using enumerated Custom Data Types in Rulesheets

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Using enumerated Custom Data Types in Rulesheets
Once an enumeration has been defined and assigned to an attribute, its labels are displayed in selection drop-downs in both Conditions and Actions expressions, as shown below. If Labels are not available (since Labels are optional in an enumerated custom data type's definition), then Values are shown. The null option in the drop-down is only available if the attribute's Mandatory property value is set to No.
Figure 22. Using Custom Data Types in the Rulesheet
You can test a condition bound to an attribute by evaluating the attribute against a custom data type label using the # tag, as shown:
Figure 23. Using # tag to test a custom data type
Note: Using a dot instead of a # tag works but, if there is custom data type with the same name as an entity, the expression will be invalid.