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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Building the Vocabulary : Support for inheritance : Using aliases with inheritance

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Using aliases with inheritance
Any Entity, Attribute, or Association can be dragged into the Scope section for use in Rulesheets. But if two or more terms share the same name, they must be assigned unique alias names before they can be used in rules.
For example, in Vocabulary with Inheritance, we see that there are four Customer.operator.person terms in the Vocabulary due to the various forms of inheritance used by the entities and associations. If two or more of these nodes are dragged into the Scope window (as shown in Non-Unique Nodes used in the Scope Window), they will be assigned error icons to indicate that their names are not unique. Without unique names, Corticon Studio does not know which one is intended in any rule that uses one of the nodes. To ensure uniqueness, aliases must be assigned and used in rules, as shown in Uniqueness Established using an Alias.
Figure 33. Non-Unique Nodes used in the Scope Window
Figure 34. Uniqueness Established using an Alias