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Corticon Installation Guide : Registering your Corticon license : Updating your Corticon Studio license

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Updating your Corticon Studio license

When you are provided a license for Corticon Studio, you receive a JAR file. Save the file on the target machine or at a location that is network-accessible to the installation. The default license file for evaluation is embedded within the installation and cannot be replaced directly. In this example, the license file that both Studio and Server will use, CcLicense.jar, is placed at C:\licenses.
To update a Studio license, do the following:
1. With Studio running, select the menu command Window > Preferences.
2. Expand the Progress Corticon group.
3. In the License File entry area, enter or browse to the location of the license JAR:
4. Click Apply, and then click OK.
5. Restart Corticon Studio.