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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with Java : Consuming a Decision Service on Java server : Troubleshooting Java server

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Troubleshooting Java server

When the default port settings, conflict with the default port setting of Corticon's Progress Application Server installation (8850 for HTTP and 8851 for HTTPS), you should consult with your system administrator to identify alternate ports you might use. Note that changes to the HTTP port must also be set as an override to the deployment property com.corticon.deployment.soapbindingurl_1=http://localhost:8850/axis to set your preferred HTTP port value. To apply this override, add your line to the start of the file located at the server installation's [CORTICON_WORK_DIR] root.
For more information, see Corticon Deployment Console properties
Note: When you have problems on the Java Server, refer to Troubleshooting Corticon Server problems .