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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Rule Projects : The Project Explorer window

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The Project Explorer window

The Rule Project you just created is now listed in the Project Explorer window in Corticon Studio.
The Project Explorer window provides a convenient way of navigating between your Corticon Studio files, including Vocabularies, Rulesheets, Ruleflows, and Ruletests. Double-clicking on a highlighted file in the list shown in the Project Explorer window below will cause the file to open and become the active window in Corticon Studio. Our new Example_Project, shown below, is empty, so there are no files available to open yet.

Project Menu

As Rule Projects do not have an editor, their project-level actions are appended to the standard ProjectProject menu are standard Eclipse functions, except the following:
*Package and Deploy Decision Services - Enables quick deployment of a Ruleflow as a Decision Service to a menu to apply to the currently selected project. The actions accessed on the Corticon Server menu to apply to the. For details, see the topic Using Studio to compile and deploy Decision Services
*Download Decision Services - Enables retrieval of selected project assets from a Corticon Server. For details, see the topic Downloading a Project from a deployed Decision Service.
*Upgrade Rule Assets - Opens the Upgrade Corticon Assets dialog. For a discussion of this feature, see Upgrading projects coming forward from a prior release.
*Create Execution Recording Schema - Opens the dialog for defining the database connection parameters and to copy the properties including encrypted credentials for inclusion in a server's file. See Implementing Rule Execution Recording in a database.
*Properties - Opens the dialog that provides several advanced features, one of which enables Corticon Extensions to add service call-out JAR files that will be packaged with Decision Services created in the project. See the topic Building the Java classes and JARs
These commands are also accessible on the dropdown menu that opens when you right-click on a project, as shown in this excerpted image where the intent is to package and deploy selected Ruleflows that are in the Life Insurance project:
* Publishing selected Ruleflows from Project Explorer