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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Packaging and deploying Decision Services : Using command line utilities to compile Decision Services : Syntax of the compile and test commands

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Syntax of the compile and test commands
The corticonManagement utility is located at [CORTICON_HOME]\Server\bin. It can be run by choosing Start > All Programs > Progress > Corticon 5.7 > Corticon Command Prompt and then typing corticonManagement to display its usage:
Table 24. usage: corticonManagement
Compile a Ruleflow into a Decision Service
Extract diagnostic data from a log file
Print this message
Compile Ruleflows in the specified input file
Generate the WSDL/XSD schema for a vocabulary or Ruleflow
Execute tests for a Ruleflow or Rulesheet
To use corticonManagement in a script you need to add the Corticon bin folder to your PATH environment variable: set PATH=%PATH%;[CORTICON_HOME]\Server\bin
Note: This section discusses all these options except extractDiagnostics. See Diagnosing runtime performance of server and Decision Services for complete information on diagnostic data.
* Compiling a Decision Service from a Ruleflow
* Testing a Decision Service with a Ruletest
* Generating XSD and WSDL schema files
* Compiling multiple Decision Services
* Deploying a Decision Service