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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with .NET : Support for Windows Communication Framework (WCF)

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Support for Windows Communication Framework (WCF)

To use this approach, you should have solid .NET programming skills and familiarity with the .NET WCF Framework. This guide does not provide in-depth explanations of working within the .NET WCF environment.
Sample web service client code is provided in [CORTICON_HOME]Server .NET\samples\wcf-client. This sample includes the following files:
*Cargo_FlightPlan.wsdl - WSDL generated by the Deployment Console
*CargoDecisionProxy_WCF.cs - C# web service proxy generated by svcutil.exe
*CallCargoService.cs - C# code demonstrating how to call the web service
*GenProxy.bat - Code to generate the decision service proxy from the WSDL
*App.config - The configuration file for the decision service endpoint
* Creating WSDL and proxy files