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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Filters and preconditions : What is a precondition? : Summary of filter and preconditions behaviors

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Summary of filter and preconditions behaviors
*A Filter just reduces the available data for other rules in the Rulesheet to use. Filters produce shades of gray - all data, some data, or no data may result from a filter.
*A Filter in Precondition mode stops Rulesheet execution if no data survives the filter. Preconditions produce black and white results: either data survives the filter and the precondition allows Rulesheet execution to continue, or no data survives and the precondition forces Rulesheet execution to stop.
*Filter expressions always acts as a filter. By default, they act as filters only. If you also need true precondition behavior, then setting the Filter to Precondition mode will enable precondition behavior while keeping filter behavior.