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Corticon Installation Guide : Installing Corticon Servers and Web Console : Setting up and updating IIS for .NET Server

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Setting up and updating IIS for .NET Server

The runtime server for Corticon Server for .NET is Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), a distinct setup into which you install the latest Corticon resources. This topic links to initial setup of IIS, adjustments to its setup when upgrading, and the follow-up task to every upgrade or service pack update that copies the latest resources to the IIS location.
To setup IIS to support Corticon Server for .NET 5.7.x, access the appropriate Corticon Knowledgebase article that describes the complete configuration of .NET Framework and IIS:
*Steps to set up IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 for Corticon Server for .NET 5.x. These instructions are also appropriate for Windows 10.
*Steps to set up IIS 8.0 and 8.5 on Windows Server 2012 R1 and R2 for Corticon Server for .NET 5.x These instructions are also appropriate for Windows Server 2016.
Corticon on IIS needs to use Common HTTP Features. You can confirm or set these features in the Control Panel > Programs and Features. Select Turn Windows feature on or off, and then expand to Internet Information Services > World Wide Web Services. Turn on all the features in the IIS program feature group Common HTTP Features
To upgrade or update Corticon Server for .NET into the IIS location:
1. Start Administrative Tool > IIS Manager. In the Actions panel, click Stop.
2. In [CORTICON_HOME_5.7]\Server .NET\IIS, launch install.bat.
3. Accept or adjust the target location, and then press Enter. The 5.7 resources and the deployment descriptor files are copied. The corresponding assets are copied to the IIS path, /Samples/Rules Projects.
4. In the IIS Manager, on the Actions panel, click Start.