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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Advanced Ruleflow techniques and tools : Ruleflow versioning and effective dating : Setting effective and expiration dates

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Setting effective and expiration dates
Effective and Expiration dateTimes are optional for Ruleflows and can be assigned singly or in pairs. When we use different Effective and Expiration dateTimes to describe identically named Ruleflows, the Corticon Server keeps them straight in memory, and responds correctly to requests for the different dates. In other words, an application or process can use different versions of the same Ruleflow depending on dateTime criteria. The details of how this works at the Corticon Server level is technical in nature and is described in the Server Integration & Deployment Guide.
Effective and Expiration Dates may be assigned using the same window as above. Clicking on the Effective Date or Expiration Date drop-down displays a calendar and clock interface, as shown below:
Figure 245. Setting Effective and Expiration Dates