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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Advanced Ruleflow techniques and tools : Ruleflow versioning and effective dating : Setting a Ruleflow version

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Setting a Ruleflow version
Major and minor version numbers for Ruleflows are optional. They can be assigned by selecting the menu command Ruleflow > Properties, and then clicking on the buttons on the Major Version and Minor Version lines, as highlighted:
Figure 244. Assigning a Version Number to a Ruleflow
When you use different Version numbers to describe identically named Ruleflows, the Corticon Server keeps each Decision Service distinguished in its memory, so it can respond correctly to requests for a specified version. In other words, an application or process can use (or call) different versions of the same Decision Service depending on certain criteria. The details of how this works at the Server level are discussed in the topics at Decision Service versioning and effective dating .