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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Performance and tuning guide : Server performance and tuning

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Server performance and tuning

Important: Before doing any performance and scalability testing when using an evaluation version of Corticon Server, check with Progress Corticon support or your Progress representative to verify that your evaluation license is properly enabled to allow unlimited concurrency. Failure to do so may lead to unsatisfactory results as the default evaluation license does not permit high-concurrency operation.
All Decision Services are stateless and have no latency; that is, they do not call out to other external services and await their response. Therefore, increasing the capacity for thread usage will increase performance. This can be done through:
*Using faster CPUs so threads are processed faster.
*Using more CPUs or CPU cores so more threads may be processed in parallel.
*Allocating more system memory to the JVM so there is more room for simultaneous threads.
*Distributing transactional load across multiple Corticon Server instances or multiple CPUs.