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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Request and response examples : XML requests and responses : Sample XML CorticonResponse content

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Sample XML CorticonResponse content
Notice the Decision Service Name in the CorticonResponse – this informs the consuming application (which may be consuming several Decision Services asynchronously) which Decision Service is responding in this message:
<CorticonResponse decisionServiceName=tutorial_example
xmlns=urn:Corticon xmlns:xsi=>
    <Cargo id=Cargo_id_1>
Notice that the optional newOrModified attribute has been set to true, indicating that container was modified by the Corticon Server. The value of container, oversize, is the new data derived by the Decision Service.
<container newOrModified=true>oversize</container>
The data contained in the CorticonRequest is returned in the CorticonResponse:
<Messages version=1>
Notice the message generated and returned by the Server:
<text>Cargo weighing between 150,000 and 200,000 kilograms must be carried
by a 747.</text>
The entityReference contains an href that associates this message with the FlightPlan that caused it to be produced
<entityReference href=#FlightPlan_id_1/>