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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruletests : Ruletest window

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Ruletest window

A Ruletest is the mechanism within Corticon Studio for creating use cases or test scenarios of sample data and sending them to a Rulesheet or Ruleflow for processing. Ruletests consist of one or more Testsheets which test independent  Rulesheets or Ruleflows, or can be linked together to test a succession of Rulesheets or Ruleflows to simulate a process sequence.
Opening a Ruletest or making a Ruletest the active Corticon Studio window causes the Studio menubar and toolbar to display the tools needed to test Rulesheets and Ruleflow.
Rulesheets, as individual files, may only be tested using a Corticon Studio Ruletest. In order to deploy and test using Corticon Server, Rulesheets must be packaged as Ruleflows before they can be executed. Ruleflows may be tested both in Corticon Studio using Ruletests and on Server using standard request messages.
* Ruletest menu commands
* Ruletest toolbar
* Commands on a Testsheet context-sensitive menu
* Testsheet tabs
* Populating the input panel
* Executing tests
* Sequence of message posting
* Sorting messages
* Format of output data
* Creating multiple test scenarios on the same testsheet
* Creating multiple test scenarios as a set of testsheets
* Creating a sequential test using multiple testsheets
* Adding Testsheets
* Renaming Testsheets
* Associating one child entity with more than one parent
* Saving a Ruletest
* Importing an XML or SOAP document to a testsheet
* Importing a JSON document to a testsheet
* Exporting a testsheet to an XML document
* Exporting a testsheet to a SOAP message
* Exporting a testsheet to a JSON document
* Creating a Ruletest report