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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Rulesheets

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A Rulesheet is a file that contains a set of business rules. By organizing these rules, it becomes a self-contained, independent unit of automated decision-making. A Rule Project can include any number of Rulesheets.
Following test and validation, one or more Rulesheets may be packaged in a Ruleflow (see The Ruleflow chapter) and deployed into a production environment (described in the Server Integration & Deployment Guide). Once packaged in a Ruleflow and deployed and available to other IT systems, we refer to the Ruleflow as a Decision Service.
Because a Rule Project may contain multiple Rulesheets, there are two methods of navigating between open Rulesheets within Corticon Studio:
*Double-clicking on any Rulesheet name in the Rule Project Explorer window opens that Rulesheet and makes it active.
*Clicking on any Rulesheet tab makes that Rulesheet active.
Multiple Rulesheets may be open in Corticon Studio simultaneously, although only one may be active at any given time.
A Rulesheet file has the suffix .ers.

Rulesheet Window

Opening a Rulesheet or making a Rulesheet the active Corticon Studio window causes the Studio menubar and toolbar to display the tools needed to begin working with rules.
* Creating a new Rulesheet
* Rulesheet menu commands
* Rulesheet toolbar
* Hover help in a Rulesheet
* Commands on the Rulesheet context-sensitive menu
* Rulesheet sections
* Navigation in a Rulesheet
* Rule statements window
* Rulesheet properties
* Using the business vocabulary to build rules
* Using the operator vocabulary to build rules
* Naming Rulesheets
* Deleting Rulesheets
* Saving a new Rulesheet
* Validating and optimizing a Rulesheet
* Creating a Rulesheet report
* Closing a Rulesheet
* Saving a modified Rulesheet
* Creating rules by importing an Excel worksheet