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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruleflows : Ruleflow properties

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Ruleflow properties

When a Ruleflow is the active file, its properties display in the Properties tab at the bottom of the Corticon Studio window. This window provides sub-tabs arranged vertically at the left-hand side of the window.
Ruleflow within a Ruleflow - When a Ruleflow is added as a component of another Ruleflow, its Properties reflect that use case, providing only one tab, Ruleflow Activity, as illustrated:
In this context, the original file is referenced and you are allowed to browse to choose a different Ruleflow that uses the same Vocabulary. You can change the name of the Ruleflow in this context so that it provides meaning. None of these actions change the Ruleflow properties of the original Ruleflow.
For more information, see Conditional Branching in Ruleflows and Properties of Ruleflow objects on a Ruleflow canvas.
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