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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Inside Corticon Server : Ruleflow compilation into an EDS file

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Ruleflow compilation into an EDS file

Ruleflows are compiled on-the-fly during Ruleflow deployment or Corticon Server startup.
When Corticon Server detects a new or modified Ruleflow (.erf file) referenced in a Deployment Descriptor file (.cdd) or addDecisionService() API call, it compiles the .erf into an executable version, with file suffix .eds. These new .eds files are stored inside the Sandbox: [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\SER\CcServerSandbox\DoNotDelete\DecisionServices. Once a Decision Service has been compiled into an .eds file, the regular Corticon Server maintenance thread takes over and loads, unloads, and recompiles deployed .erf files as required.
If you want to pre-compile Ruleflows into .eds files prior to deployment on Corticon Server, the Pre-Compile option in the Deployment Console enables this. See the Deployment chapter for more details.
In versions prior to 5.2, Ruleflows were compiled during the Corticon Studio's Save processing of .ers and .erf assets .