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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Writing Rules to access external data : Quick steps for setting up the Cargo sample

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Quick steps for setting up the Cargo sample

If you are just getting started, see the EDC tutorials, Modeling Progress Corticon Rules to Access a Database using EDC and Connecting a Progress Corticon Decision Service to a Database using EDC. While not precisely the setup used for the examples in this chapter, you will get a detailed walkthrough where the Datasource is Microsoft SQL Server 2014.
For the examples that use Cargo, here is a succinct set of steps to set up the sample data in Corticon Studio and your preferred database:
1. In your database administrative tool, create a database named Cargo.
2. In Corticon Studio:
a. Import the Cargo sample.
b. Create the EDC Datasource, and then define and test its connection to the Cargo database.
c. On each of the three entities, set Datastore Persistent to Yes, and choose its appropriate Entity Identity:
*Aircraft: tailNumber
*Cargo: manifestNumber
*FlightPlan: flightNumber
d. On the EDC Datasource tab, click Create/Update Schema
3. Copy the contents of the project’s Cargo_data.sql file to your database administrative tool’s editor, and then click Execute.