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Progress Corticon 5.7 Documentation : Overview of Progress Corticon

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Overview of Progress Corticon

Progress® Corticon® is the Business Rules Management System with the patented rules engine that enables you to automate sophisticated decision processes—without having to write code.

Progress Corticon products

Progress Corticon distinguishes its development toolsets from its server deployment environments.
*Corticon Studio is the Windows-based development environment for creating and testing business rules:
*When installed as a standalone application, Corticon Studio provides a complete Eclipse development environment for Corticon in the Corticon Designer perspective. You can use this Eclipse installation as the basis for adding other Eclipse tools.
*When installed into an appropriate existing Eclipse environment, Corticon integrates with installed Eclipse tools to enable you to develop Corticon applications in the Corticon Designer perspective.
Note: Refer to the Corticon Installation Guide for details about integrating Corticon Studio into an existing Eclipse environment.
*Corticon Servers implement web services and in-process servers for deploying business rules defined in Corticon Studio:
*Corticon Server for Java is supported on various application servers, and client web browsers. After you install it on a supported Windows platform, its deployment artifacts can be redeployed on various UNIX and Linux web service platforms as Corticon Decision Services.
*Corticon Server for .NET facilitates deployment of Corticon Decision Services on Windows .NET Framework and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
*Corticon Web Console enables administration of multiple remote Corticon Servers. A Web Console server is deployed into a Progress Application Server, and then is accessed by users through authenticated web browser connections.