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Other changes

The following changes are also noteworthy:
*Corticon Studio now supports Java 1.8 and Eclipse 4.5
*Studio can run in different languages You can run Corticon Studio in French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, or Spanish. Corticon Studio now bundles the Eclipse language packs for these languages. See Setting Studio to run in another language for more information.
*Changes to OpenEdge and Corticon Eclipse Environment - Corticon Studio no longer supports installation directly into Progress Developers Studio for OpenEdge. To jointly develop business applications with OpenEdge and Corticon, use separate Eclipse instances for Progress Developers Studio and Corticon Studio.
*Ruletests can remove invalid nodes - The Ruletest menu provides the command Remove Invalid Nodes that discards all invalid nodes in Input, Output, and Expected columns in all testsheets in the Ruletest.
*Changes to Documentation Delivery - Several changes have been made to how documentation is presented and how it is accessed:
*A new guide, the Data Integration Guide, gathers the information on EDC and ADC from other guides to expand on the ways you can use Corticon features to read and write from remote databases.
*Corticon Studio no longer includes all documentation content in its installed help. Instead, a single page provides online access to all the 5.7 documentation components in PDF and HTML formats.