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Corticon Studio: Rule Language Guide : Rule operator details and examples : Or

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<Expression1> or <Expression2> or ….
OR may also be used with ->forAll and ->exists expressions


Returns a value of true if either <Expression1> or <Expression2> evaluates to true. When used between two or more expressions in the Preconditions section, creates a compound filter for the Rulesheet that follows. See Rule Modeling Guide for details on using Preconditions as filters. OR is not available in the Conditions section because the logical OR construction is implemented using multiple Columns in the decision table, or by value sets in Conditions Cells.


The Literals row in the table of Sections of Rulesheet that correlate with usage restrictions does not apply. Special exception: or may only be used in the Filters section of the Rulesheet to join 2 or more expressions, as shown above, or within ->forAll and ->exists expressions as described in those sections.


The following Rulesheet uses or to test the value of integer1, boolean1, and string1 to set the value of boolean2


A sample Ruletest provides three examples. Input and Output panels are shown below: