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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Rulesheets : Navigation in a Rulesheet

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Navigation in a Rulesheet

Mouse navigation

All general mouse functions are supported:
*Click on a cell to select it.
*Double-click on a cell to enter edit mode with the cursor at the location you clicked in the line.
*Click to open a selected cell's dropdown menu, and then click on the preferred value in the list.
*Use the scroll wheel to move up and down the rows in the selected section.

Keyboard navigation

The Rulesheet window enables navigation through several common keyboard shortcuts in its cell-style sections -- all the sections except Scope:
*Conditions and their cells
*Actions and their cells
*Rule Statements and their columns
Keyboard shortcuts on a Rulesheet:
*Move up: Up-arrow
*Move down: Down-arrow, or Enter
*Move right: Right-arrow, or Tab
*Move left: Left-arrow, or Shift+Tab
*Edit content of the cell in focus: Backspace (places the cursor at end of entry)
*Clear content of the cell in focus, and then add content: Spacebar
*Beginning of line in edit mode: Home
*End of line in edit mode: End
Note: Nonconditional actions - In a column 0 value on an Action line, Backspace and Spacebar both toggle the current selection.