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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Rule dependency: Chaining and looping : Looping controls in Corticon Studio

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Looping controls in Corticon Studio

To handle the various aspects of rule looping, Corticon Studio provides several mechanisms for identifying and controlling looping behavior.
Although we've only shown simple examples so far, looping rules can get much more complicated. Sometimes, rules have mutual dependencies by accident – we didn't intend to include loops when we built the Rulesheet. It is for this reason that all loop processing is disabled by default (in other words, the default Rulesheet processing mode is Optimized Inferencing, which does not permit revisiting rules that have already been evaluated once). We must manually enable the loop processing mode of our choice to cause the loops to execute. This is the strongest, most fool-proof mechanism for preventing unexpected looping behavior – simply keep loop processing disabled.
* Identifying loops