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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Localizing Corticon Studio

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Localizing Corticon Studio

Localizing your rule modeling and processing environment involves three related functions:
*Displaying the Studio program in your locale of choice. This means switching the Corticon Studio user interface (menus, operators, system messages, etc.) to a new language. Consult with Progress Corticon support or your Progress representative to learn more about available and upcoming Corticon localization packages. 
*Displaying your Studio assets in your locale of choice. This means switching your Vocabularies, Rulesheets, Ruleflows, and Ruletests to a new language. This part is described here.
*Requests submitted to a Corticon Server can specify an execution property that indicates the locale of the incoming payload so that the server can transform the payload's decimal and date values to the decimal delimiter and month literal names of the server, run the rules, and return the output formatted to the submitter's preference. See "Handling requests and replies across locales".
* Localizing the Vocabulary
* Localizing the Rulesheet