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Corticon Installation Guide : Registering your Corticon license : Updating your Corticon Server license : Limits of the Server evaluation license

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Limits of the Server evaluation license
The license included in the default Corticon Server installation has pre-set limits on certain Corticon Server and Decision Service parameters. These limits are:
*Number of Decision Services – Up to 20 Decision Services may be deployed at any given time. This means the sum total of all Decision Services loaded via .cdd files, Web Console, or APIs cannot exceed 20.
*Number of Rules – All rules in all deployed Ruleflows (that is, all deployed Decision Services) must not exceed 500. A rule generally consists of a single Condition/Action Column or a single Action row in Column 0. Filter expressions do not count because they only modify other rules.
The Corticon Server log can capture errors and exceptions caused by expired or under-strength licenses. These log messages are detailed in the Using Corticon Server logs .
If you are Progress Corticon customer, you should have access to an unlimited license that will lift these restrictions. If you are an evaluator, and discover that these limitations are preventing or inhibiting your evaluation, contact your Progress Software representative to get a license with expanded capabilities.