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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with Java : Corticon Java Server files and API tools : Setting up Corticon Server use cases : Installing Corticon Server as a J2EE SOAP servlet

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Installing Corticon Server as a J2EE SOAP servlet
If Installation option 1: Web services was chosen, then a SOAP Servlet interface will be used for production deployments. Install Corticon Server into the Servlet container of a J2EE web or application server such as WebLogic, Oracle, or WebSphere. Commercial application servers offer the greatest degree of manageability, security and reliability, but open-source J2EE web servers such as Apache Tomcat -- especially as implemented by Progress in its Progress Application Server -- are also excellent, production-quality options. One advantage of the wrapper or helper class approach to installation is that variations in the web server environment (such as SOAP version) may be addressed in the wrapper class itself, rather than in the set of Corticon Server classes. The base set of Corticon Server jars remains the same irrespective of deployment environment – only the wrapper class changes.
The industry-standard method of deploying a Servlet into a J2EE web server's Servlet container is via a web archive, or .war, file. This file contains everything required to deploy a fully functional Servlet, including all classes, configuration files, and interfaces. Corticon provides a complete sample .war file, along with all source code, with the standard default Corticon Server installation. In addition to the base set of Corticon JARs, the provided .war file also contains Apache Axis SOAP messaging framework, which is supported by most commercial J2EE web and application servers, including the Progress Application Server. Your web server documentation will include instructions for installing or loading a .war file.
This .war file, CcServer.war, is available from the Progress download site in the package.
The unpackaged files are typically installed in the Corticon directory [CORTICON_HOME]\Server\Containers\WAR.
Note: Refer to the Progress Software web page Progress Corticon 5.7 - Supported Platforms Matrix to review the currently supported UNIX/Linux platforms and brands of Application Servers. Also see the Corticon KnowledgeBase entry Corticon Server 5.X sample EAR/WAR installation for different Application Servers for detailed instructions on configuring Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic on all supported platforms.
Important: The .war file provided is intended to be a sample wrapper for instructional purposes. Source code is provided in the [CORTICON_HOME]Server\src directory so you can adapt the wrapper to your environment and platform. The sample .war file is not certified for use on any specific web server and is not warranteed by Corticon .
This .war file contains the default evaluation license, named CcLicense.jar. If you are a Corticon customer, you will be provided with a permanent version of this file. You must insert it into the .war (replacing the original) in order to remove the evaluation license limitations.
For a quick start, Corticon Server ships with Progress Application Server (built on Apache Tomcat), and the Apache Axis SOAP messaging infrastructure. The Corticon Server Installer sets up and configures Progress Application Server.