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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Introduction to Corticon Server deployment : Choose the deployment architecture : Installation option 4: In-process Java classes with Java object, XML, or JSON payloads

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Installation option 4: In-process Java classes with Java object, XML, or JSON payloads

In-process Corticon Server for Java

The installation option with lightest weight and smallest footprint is the in-process Java option.
With this option, no interface or wrapper class is used to forward calls from the client application to Corticon Server (CcServer.jar). Instead, the client must use the Corticon Server Java API to initialize the Corticon Server classes, load any Decision Services, and execute them. In addition, the client application must start and manage the JVM in which the server classes are loaded.
JVM and thread management are normally functions of the Servlet or EJB container in a web or application server – if you choose to take responsibility for these activities in your client code then you do not need a container, at least as far as Corticon Server is concerned. Installing Corticon Server without a web or application server reduces the overall application footprint and permits more compact installations, but by eliminating the helpful functions of the container, it places more of the deployment burden on you.

In-process Corticon Server for .NET

Corticon Server for .NET is an implementation of Corticon Server for the .NET framework.
The key component in Corticon Server for .NET is a set of core Java classes packaged as Java Archive (JAR) files. The core Java classes contain all the functionality of Corticon Server including the framework to host and manage Decision Services. Corticon Server for .NET is bundled with a set of libraries, collectively named IKVM.NET, which enable the Java classes to integrate with .NET clients.
Corticon Server for .NET provides deployment tools that enable you to install it on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) so that Decision Services can be invoked as Web Services.
To learn more about installing Corticon Server for .NET on IIS and exposing Decision Services as Web Services, refer to the course Deploying Progress Corticon Decision Services as Web Services with .NET
To learn more about Progress Corticon in process deployment, refer to the course Integrating a Progress Corticon Decision Service with a .NET Client using Object Messaging.