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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Troubleshooting Rulesheets and Ruleflows : Using Corticon Studio to reproduce the behavior : Initializing null attributes

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Initializing null attributes
Attributes that are used in calculations must have a non-null value to prevent test rule failure. More specifically, attributes used on the right-hand-side of equations (that is, an attribute on the right side of an assignment operator, such as = or +=) are initialized prior to performing calculations. It is not necessary for attributes on the left-hand-side of an equation to be initialized – it is assigned the result of the calculation. For example, when you are calculating Force=Mass*Acceleration, you must provide values for Mass and Acceleration. Force is the result of a valid calculation.
Initialization of attributes is often performed in Nonconditional rules, or in rules expressed in Rulesheets that execute beforehand. That was often because an Attribute that was set to Transient mode could not be added as Input to Ruletests. The limitation has been removed: You can add Transients to the Input column of a Ruletest. Then, as stated, you must provide a value to such attributes in their Input locations in Ruletests to enable valid firing of the rule.