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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Getting Started with Multiple Database Connectivity

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Getting Started with Multiple Database Connectivity

Corticon's database connectivity reaches another level when it enables a rules project to access more than one Datasource. You could mix one EDC Datasource with several ADC Datasources, performing Rulesheet-based action and filters while the ADC implementation uses multiple Service Call-outs on a Ruleflow. Together, these enable the Decision Service to be running queries on one database, processing that data, and then possibly branching to write to either of two other databases.
To load the Multiple Database Connectivity sample:
In Corticon Studio, choose the menu item Help > Samples. Select the Advanced Sample Multiple Database Connectivity, and then click Done. Follow the Import dialog to bring the sample into your workspace.
The Multiple Database sample expands on the ADC sample's medical treatment approval scenario. Now the patients and the treatments they have received are in one database, while each treatment's description and clinical trial status is in another database. The rules connect to both databases to determine whether a treatment is approved.
Note: If you are just starting to follow the samples hands-on, all the resources for the Corticon Studio and for SQL Server 2014 are included. If you are following along after walking through Getting Started with ADC, there are a few things to adjust to make this section flow smoothly:
*In Corticon Studio, choose File > Close All.
*Execute the Corticon SQL script cms for your database in your database management tool's editor.
* Define multiple table namespaces
* Create and map the multiple database schema
* Enable the project for multiple databases
* Define multiple database connections
* Queries for multiple databases
* Import multiple Datasource metadata into a Vocabulary
* Use multiple database connections in service callouts
* Test the rules when reading from multiple databases
* Test the rules when writing to multiple databases