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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Getting Started with EDC

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Getting Started with EDC

In this section, you walk through how an Enterprise Data Connector (EDC) connection is established, and then used and tested by rules. The EDC connection enables Corticon Decision Services to connect to a single database and perform read, write, and delete operations on it.
To load the EDC sample:
In Corticon Studio, choose the menu item Help > Samples. Select the Intermediate Sample EDC Database Connectivity, and then click Done. Follow the Import dialog to bring the sample into your workspace.
The topics guide you through experiencing this section by running the sample files in Corticon Studio.
* Define a table namespace in the database
* Define the database connection for EDC
* Set the entities to store in the database
* Load the schema and data in the database
* Importing database metadata into an EDC Vocabulary
* Test the rules when reading from the database
* Test the rules when writing to the database