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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Rule Projects : Ensuring that all projects build as Corticon projects

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Ensuring that all projects build as Corticon projects

Starting with the release of Corticon 5.6 Corticon Studio uses the Eclipse builder mechanism to validate Corticon assets. When any asset is saved, Corticon Studio performs the validation in the background to see if other assets are still valid. This validation does not block any interaction with Corticon Studio.
About validation...
The project validation process has an impact on available memory, and uses background CPU cycles. Here are some tips:
*If your workspace has several large projects, try to keep inactive ones closed to optimize resources. This is particularly important when you restart Studio, as it validates all open projects on startup. Closing projects in your workspace that you are not working on limits the amount of validation done on startup.
*When performing tasks such as re-arranging assets in a large project, you might want to shut off the option to Build Automatically. Once you have completed your changes, choose Clean, and then turn Build Automatically on again.
*When building large projects, follow the build progress in the Progress view (exposed from the menu item Window > Show View > Other then General: Progress.
Corticon Nature
Corticon Studio relies on your project having a "Corticon Nature" that identifies it as a Corticon project and not just a generic Eclipse project. The following illustration shows both Corticon and generic Eclipse projects. Projects having a Corticon Nature are distinguishable by the Corticon icon added to the project icon.
To convert a generic project to a Corticon project, right-click on the project's folder, and then select Add Corticon Nature, as illustrated: