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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Getting Started with Multiple Database Connectivity : Enable the project for multiple databases

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Enable the project for multiple databases

Note: Using the sample:The sample has added a link to the required JAR file. This path is valid if your Corticon Studio installation path is the default, as illustrated. Otherwise, remove the default listed and add your path to the JAR file. Updating this preset value resolves the error shown in the project.
Each project that intends to use ADC must add a packaged set of Corticon extensions into its project. On Corticon Studio, do the following:
1. Right-click on the project name in the Project Explorer, and then choose Properties.
2. Click Corticon Extensions.
3. Click Add, and then locate and choose the file [CORTICON_HOME]\addons\CcADCSco.jar, as illustrated:
4. Click OK.