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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Building the Vocabulary : Designing the Vocabulary

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Designing the Vocabulary


An air cargo company has a manual process for generating flight plans. These flight plans assign cargo shipments to specific aircraft. Each flight plan is assigned a flight number. The cargo company owns a small fleet of three airplanes -- two Boeing 747s and one McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 freighter. Each airplane type has a maximum cargo weight and volume that cannot be exceeded. Each aircraft also has a tail number which serves to identify it. A cargo shipment has characteristics like weight, volume and a manifest number to identify it.
Now let's assume the company wants to build a system that automatically checks flight plans to ensure no scheduling rules or guidelines are violated. One of the many business rules that need to be checked by this system is:
* Step 1: Identifying the Terms
* Step 2: Separating the Generic Terms from the Specific
* Step 3: Assembling and Relating the Terms
* Step 4: Diagramming the Vocabulary