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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Packaging and deploying Decision Services : Using command line utilities to compile Decision Services : Syntax of the compile and test commands : Deploying a Decision Service

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Deploying a Decision Service
You can make scripted calls to the Web Console on Windows and Linux to deploy Decision Services. This combined with ability to build and test Decision Services from a script allow you to automate the deployment of your Decision Services. The scripting is a command line utility that makes REST calls to the Web Console to perform actions, and then returns codes that identify success or failure.
The utility, corticonWebConsole.bat, is included on all server installations, and is located at [CORTICON_HOME]/Server/bin. The general format of this utility's commands is:
corticonWebConsole {command} {command options}
Commands supported in this utility are as follows, many parameters showing both their short form and long form:
corticonWebConsole -help
Lists the syntax of the commands.
corticonWebConsole -login
You must first login to the Web Console before the other commands can be applied.
Authenticates the user on the specified Web Console server. No other commands have any effect until this command executes successfully. Choosing to omit the password will prompt for its entry through standard input.
Note: The login command stores an encrypted login token in your work directory so that, when you later perform commands, you can do so without logging in. When using a batch process to perform deployment, you will need to have this login token available in the work directory of the Corticon install used by the batch process.
corticonWebConsole -logout
The logout command closes the connection to the Web Console.
corticonWebConsole -ds
corticonWebConsole -ds -add
Adds the specified Decision Service to the specified application.
The database options (--datasource, --dbaccessmode, and --dbreturnmode) are used when the Decision Service is configured for database connectivity.
Adding --deploy will deploy the specified Decision Service to each Server or Server Group that includes the specified application.
Adding --overwrite to the command will replace a corresponding Decision Service that exists.
corticonWebConsole -ds -delete
Removes a specified Decision Service from the Web Console server completely.
Adding --undeploy will undeploy the Decision Service from each Server or Server Group that includes the specified application.
corticonWebConsole -application
corticonWebConsole -application -deploy
Deploys the specified application to its associated servers/server groups.
corticonWebConsole -application -undeploy
Undeploys the specified application from its associated servers/server groups.