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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Packaging and deploying Decision Services : Deployment related files : Decision Service (EDS) files

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Decision Service (EDS) files
A Decision Service file (.eds) is a self-contained, complete deployment asset that includes compiled versions of all its component rule assets. This has the following important consequences:
*Only the .eds file needs to be accessible to Corticon Server. The related rule asset files are not needed.
*The .eds files are already compiled, so Corticon Server can load them quickly upon deployment, without the lag time required by Ruleflow files in a Deployment Descriptor that requires 'on-the-fly' compilation.
*Corticon Server's dynamic monitoring update service will only check for updates to the .eds file's timestamp to know it has been updated and needs to be reloaded. It does not need to monitor for updates to changes to any of the rule assets used to build the .eds file.
Because of these considerations, pre-compiled Decision Service deployments are often used in production environments, where component files are less likely to change frequently or require tighter controls.
Note: If your Ruleflow uses custom Extensions or Service Call-Outs (SCOs), be sure to add their classes to the project as described in Using extensions when creating Decision Services