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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Vocabularies : Populating a new Vocabulary : Datasource tabs

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Datasource tabs
When you choose to define connections to database data sources, each instance is defined as a uniquely named Corticon Datasource on a tab of the Vocabulary in its editor. The two techniques for database connectivity are:
*Enterprise Data Connector (EDC) Datasource - EDC accesses one database per Vocabulary, and enables Corticon to create queries to retrieve and write data as needed. This technique makes for easy data access, and is a good option when modest amounts of data will be accessed with reasonable performance. For more information, see Getting Started with EDC
*Advanced Data Connector (ADC) Datasource - One or more ADC connections can be defined, each accessing your store of SQL queries to retrieve and update data in the connected database. ADC is best for requirements where query performance when retrieving large amounts of data is crucial. For more information, see Getting Started with ADC