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What's New in Corticon : What's new and changed in Corticon 5.7 : Datasource Configuration File

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Datasource Configuration File

A new file has been added for the configuration of Datasources used by a Decision Service, the Datasource Configuration File. This XML file can be created manually or exported from Corticon Studio when editing a Vocabulary. When deploying a Decision Service that accesses external Datasources, you provide the EDS file for the Decision Service and its Datasource Configuration File. By editing the configuration file when you deploy a Decision Service, you can adjust the connections and their credentials so that they use test or production databases.
The Datasource Configuration File replaces the file previously used with EDC Decision Services. While you can still deploy using the file, you are encouraged to move to the using Datasource Configuration Files.
To learn more about Datasource Configuration Files, see the Corticon Data Integration Guide sectionDeploying projects that use data integration