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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Vocabularies : Populating a new Vocabulary : Custom data types tab

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Custom data types tab
At the root of every Vocabulary in its editor, the tab Custom Data Types displays, as shown:
You can define lists of values that are the set of allowable values associated with a Vocabulary attribute. The Tutorial sample demonstrates how to delimit the options for a containerType by defining labels and their respective values:

Importing enumerated values from a database

When the Vocabulary connects to a data source as an Enterprise Data Connector, additional functionality is added to the Custom DataTypes tab:
You can specify a column within a table of the connected database to retrieve and import the name and values (or just the values) to populate the selections to the specified attribute.

How enumerated values function in a Rulesheet

In a Rulesheet, the defined values for attributes that are assigned the custom data type are offered a list of its specified values -- as well as null and blank.
For more information about enumerations and retrieving values from databases, see:
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