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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Vocabularies : Creating a Vocabulary

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Creating a Vocabulary

To create a new Vocabulary:
1. Do one of the following:
*Select File > New > Rule Vocabulary from the Corticon Studio menubar
*Click the down arrow to the right of the New icon
*Right-click in the Project Explorer to open its menu, and then choose New > Rule Vocabulary.
These techniques all launch the same Create a New Vocabulary wizard, illustrated below.
2. Select the parent Rule Project for the new Vocabulary by highlighting the Example_Project folder we just created.
3. Enter a name for the new Vocabulary in the File name entry area. It is not necessary to type the file extension .ecore (we used Cargo here).
Note: The Advanced options are not relevant to Corticon and should not be used.
4. Click Finish to create your new Vocabulary. It is now displayed in the new Rule Vocabulary window (A), in the Rule Project Explorer window (B), and as the open file and active tab in the Cargo.ecore window (C). The window sizes have been adjusted to fit on the page.