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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Packaging and deploying Decision Services : Deployment related files : Corticon Deployment Descriptor (CDD) files

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Corticon Deployment Descriptor (CDD) files
Corticon Deploymemt Descriptor (CDD) files let you package Ruleflows, pre-compiled Decision Services, and their deployment parameters in an XML-formatted text file.
Important: CDD deployment of Ruleflows - CDD Deployment of .erf files is not supported on all application servers. The recommended practice is to deploy precompiled .eds files when using CDD deployment.
When Corticon Server reads a CDD file, it reads in each instance defined in the file to load its Ruleflow or Decision Service, and then sets its execution and configuration parameters.
(See Setting the autoloaddir property for additional information.)
Note: If you are using the bundled Progress Application Server to test and deploy, copy the Deployment Descriptor file to the Corticon Server installation's [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\cdd directory. When Corticon Server starts, it reads all .cdd files in that default location.
Deployment Descriptor files are created and managed by:
*Using the Server Deployment Console - The graphical Deployment Console is included in both Corticon Server installations.
*Using Deployment Descriptors to deploy Decision Services - Authoring lets you extend a CDD with additional available options.