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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Using Corticon Server logs : Changing logging configuration : Configuring log content

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Configuring log content
What gets entered into logs is up to you. There are two dimensions to what produces log content. The loglevel records ascending levels of operational information from nothing to everything. The logFiltersAccept let you control whether each information type created by each of the process reporting mechanisms is accepted into the logs. The resulting logs meld entries from both dimensions sequentially, and record all the information into log files.

Log Level

The loglevel specifies the depth of detail in standard logging. When set to OFF, no log entries are produced. Each higher level enables log entries triggered for that level, as well as each lower level. Set your preferred log level by uncommenting the line # loglevel= in, and then setting the value to exactly one of:
*OFF - Turn off all logging
*ERROR - Log only errors
*WARN - Log all errors and warnings
*INFO - Log all info, warnings and errors (Default value)
*DEBUG - Log all debug information and all messages applicable to INFO level
*TRACE - Equivalent to DEBUG plus some tracing logs
*ALL - Maximum detail
Note: The loglevel can be changed using the method ICcServer.setLogLevel(String).

Log Filters

The logFiltersAccept setting lets you include specified types of information emanating from running services in the logs. When the log level is set to INFO or higher, this property acepts logging of information types that are listed. Set your preferred log filters by uncommenting the line # logFiltersAccept= in, and then listing functions you want to have in logs as comma-separated values from the following:
*RULETRACE - Records performance statistics on rules
*DIAGNOSTIC - Records of service performance diagnostics at a defined interval (default is 30 seconds)
*TIMING - Records timing events
*INVOCATION - Records invocation events
*VIOLATION - Records exceptions
*INTERNAL - Records internal debug events
*SYSTEM - Records low-level errors and fatal events
The default logFiltersAccept setting is: DIAGNOSTIC,SYSTEM
*Accept none: logFiltersAccept=
*Accept just ruletracing, diagnostics, and timing: logFiltersAccept=RULETRACE,DIAGNOSTIC,TIMING