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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Rules containing calculations and equations : Unsupported uses of calculation expressions : Calculations in rule statements

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Calculations in rule statements
While it is possible to embed attributes from the Vocabulary inside Rule Statements, it is not possible to embed equations or calculations in them. Operators and equation syntax not enclosed in curly brackets {..} are treated like all other characters in the Rule Statement – nothing will be calculated. If the Rule Statement shown in the following figure is posted by an Action in rule 1, the message will be displayed exactly as shown; it will not calculate a result of any kind.
Figure 139. Calculation in a Rule Statement
Likewise, including equation syntax within curly brackets along with other Vocabulary terms is also not permitted. Doing so may cause your text to turn red, as shown:
Figure 140. Embedding a Calculation in a Rule Statement
However, even if the syntax does not turn red, you should still not attempt to perform calculations in Rule Statements – it may cause unexpected behavior. When red, the tool tip should give you some guidance as to why the text is invalid. In this case, the exponent operator (**) is not allowed in an embedded expression.