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Corticon Extensions Guide : Building the Java classes and JARs

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Building the Java classes and JARs

The Extended Operator, Service Callout, and Advanced Data Connector samples contain Java projects demonstrating how to create a Java extension. These are standard Java projects. Each has the CorticonCorticon JAR file that defines its API:
*For Corticon extensions and Service Callouts, CcExtensionApi.jar located in a Studio installation at [CORTICON_HOME]/Studio/lib/
*For Corticon Advanced Data Connector callouts, CcADCsco.jar located in a Studio or Server installation at [CORTICON_HOME]/addons/adcsco/
The appropriate JAR is added to the project from its Corticon installed location to the project's build path using the predefined Eclipse variable CORTICON_HOME. For example:
When you use the Studio feature of Package and Deploy > Save for later Deployment, the JAR will be added into the .eds file. If you use other techniques to compile and the JAR is not embedded, you need to locate the JAR on the Server, and then add it to the Server's classpath.