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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Logical analysis and optimization : Validating and testing Rulesheets in Corticon Studio : The completeness checker : Automatically Determining the Complete Values Set

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Automatically Determining the Complete Values Set
As values are manually entered into column cells in a Condition row, Corticon Studio automatically creates and updates a set of values, which for the given datatype of the Condition expression, is complete. This means that as you populate column cells, the list of values in the drop-down boxes you select from will grow and change.
In the drop-down box, you will see the list of values you have entered, plus null if the attribute or expression can have that value. But this list displayed in the drop-down is not the complete list – Corticon Studio maintains the complete list under the covers and only shows you the elements which you have manually inserted.
This automatically generated complete value list serves to feed the Completeness Checker with the information it needs to calculate the Cross Product and generate additional green columns. Without complete lists of possible values, the calculated Cross Product itself will be incomplete.