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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Corticon API reference : REST Management API : Summary of REST methods for management of Decision Services : API Get Decision Service Properties

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API Get Decision Service Properties
Returns the properties pertaining to the Decision Service. The request gets the properties for the Decision Service passed in its header. The request will take HTTP headers that provide the Decision Service name, and, optionally the Major and Minor version Number. The headers are set as follows:
Name: <The name of the Decision Service, REQUIRED>
majorVersion: <The major version number of the Decision Service, OPTIONAL>
minorVersion: <The minor version number of the Decision Service, OPTIONAL>
The returned object is a list of key/value pairs consisting of key: propertyName value: JSON object with information about the property.
<PropertyName> :
An example of response is as shown:
"edsUri":"C:/Program Files/Eclipse/
"deploymentTimestamp":"01/15/15 3:17:57 PM",
"ruleflowTimestamp":"12/10/14 7:00:00 PM",
"edsTimestamp":"12/31/14 4:18:56 PM"
Success status codes:
*200 OK
Error status codes:
*400 Bad Request
*500 Internal Server Error