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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with .NET : Consuming a Decision Service on .NET server : Path 3: Using SOAP client to consume a Decision Service

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Path 3: Using SOAP client to consume a Decision Service

Web Services Service Contracts

Many commercial SOAP and web services development tools have the ability to import an XSD or WSDL service contract and generate a compliant request message directly from it.  This path assumes you have access to such a tool and want to use it to consume a Decision Service.
The Corticon Deployment Console can produce both XSD and WSDL documents.  The Server Integration & Deployment Guide contains much more information about these documents, including detailed descriptions of their structure and elements. However, if you have chosen this path, we assume you are already familiar enough with service contracts to be able to use them correctly once generated.
* Web services messaging styles
* Creating a service contract using the Deployment Console
* Creating a request message for a decision service
* Sending a request message to the server