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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Service contract examples : Examples of XSD and WSDLS available in the Deployment Console : 5 Vocabulary-level WSDL, FLAT XML messaging style : 5.5 Binding

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5.5 Binding
Use HTTP transport for SOAP operation defined in <portType>
<binding name=VocabularyNameDecisionServiceSoap type=tns:
All WSDLs generated by the Deployment Console use Document-style messaging:
<soap:binding transport=
style=document />
    <operation name=processRequest>
Identifies the SOAP binding of the Decision Service:
<soap:operation soapAction=urn:Corticon style=document />
     <soap:body use=literal namespace=urn:Corticon />
     <soap:body use=literal namespace=urn:Corticon />